The Gay and Lesbian Sierrans had an amazing year in 2017, and we need your help to make 2018 even better! GLS would not exist without the commitment and generous gift of time of our volunteers, especially the Governing Committee who lead the chapter. If you have ever enjoyed a GLS hike, camping trip, or social event, or if you would like to see the chapter #resist through more political action, consider volunteering some of your time to change the world in a personal and meaningful way. Here are some of the opportunities available:

Governing Committee: This is a one-year commitment to be part of a team that leads all activities of the chapter. Members meet at least six times a year to plan camping trips and other activities, maintain the website and publish the newsletter, manage finances, and guide the chapter throughout the year.

Outings Leaders: Outings leaders are the backbone of our club. After training, you can schedule any hike you are interested in, lead camping trips, or lead other outings such as movies, social events, political protests or rallies, etc.

Volunteers: We need volunteers in a number of areas, especially designing and maintaining the website and newsletter, writing for the newsletter, photographing at events, or helping out on camping trips and social events.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these opportunities, please contact us at

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead

 The Angela Romagnoli Camping Scholarship 

As many of you know, this year we lost Angela Romagnoli, a beloved member of the GLS community. To honor her memory and her love for the outdoors, The Gay and Lesbian Sierrans have established The Angela Romagnoli Camping Scholarship, which will be awarded to one person on each of our future camping trips to allow those for whom the fee would be a financial hardship to participate free of charge. In this small way, we hope to both remember and continue Angie's legacy of inclusiveness, kindness and generosity. 

 We're here and we're Queer (Sierrans)! 

We are proposing to change the name of our chapter from 'Gay and Lesbian Sierrans' to 'Queer Sierrans'.

We believe this would be beneficial so that the name will better reflect:

  • The diversity of our membership
  • Our goal of being inclusive of the full LGBTQQ Community (including those who don't identify as Lesbian or Gay)
  • Our efforts to promote this organization to the next generation of nature lovers and stewards
Please note that if you would like to vote on the name change, you must be a general Sierra Club Member, and your Sierra Club Member number must be on your GLS account. If you need assistance with this please contact Beth at 

 Holiday Party at Muir Beach Community Center 

 DATE    Saturday, December 9th

 TIME     12:00 - 5:00 (stay tuned for information about hikes before lunch)

 PLACE    Muir Beach Community Center, 19 Seascape Dr, Muir Beach, CA

It's time to celebrate the holidays and our amazing community at the beautiful Muir Beach Community Center. If you've been to one of our previous celebrations, you know it's filled with food, drink, music, dancing and merriment, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. If you haven't been before, you're in for a treat.

We will provide the main dishes - turkey and a vegetarian main option, along with some beverages. You can bring your favorite side dish, dessert, and/or beverage of your choice to share. We also ask that you bring your own plate, utensils and cup so we can keep our carbon footprint low.

Music will be provided by Ruby's in Town, featuring GLS's own Jesse Ortiz on the keyboards!

Ruby's in Town

R&B, Soul, and Funky Dance Music

Featuring 3 vocals, sax, guitar,  and a tight rhythm section!

Andrea Pritchett - lead vocals | Judy Graboyes - drums | Nzingah Robin Smith - sax and flute | Suzanne Falter - vocals

Kim Hart Poindexter - bass | Chris Cooper - guitar | Jesse Ortiz - keyboards

Please consider volunteering for this event to help us make it a success!

We need help picking up food, setting up, assisting with membership and other activities during the event, and clean up. We can't do it without you! If you can help, please contact Linda at

 Labor Day at Tuolumne Meadows 

Thanks to Anita Bowen and Russ Hartman, the Labor Day Tuolomne Meadows Camping trip (while officially cancelled due to heavy smoke) happened for about 25 intrepid GLSers, and was an "unofficial" success. Everyone pitched in and was generous with their volunteering and problem solving (oh no! because of the change of plans the fuel for the group campstove didn’t make it up! oh no!). There were spectacular hikes and a great potluck with expert cooking on many fronts (hot tip for the future, eat whatever Kat makes!).

On Saturday, Carol Palecki led a lovely hike up to Mono Pass where hikers were rewarded a stunning view of the eastern side and Mono Lake and a dip in Summit Lake. The smoke returned in the evening and the next day, a few folks headed home early. Others took it easy, hanging about, playing games and meandering along the Tuolomne river. Russ Hartman led a lovely hike up Lembert Dome, while Claudine Offer led an ambitious 13-mile hike up to high country to the Young Lakes, where hikers found an idyllic resting spot from which many braved the cold water under the aptly named Ragged Peak.

We are grateful to all who made this trip possible in spite of challenging circumstances in the true spirit of community and love of the outdoors!

Photo by Lisa Kamieniecki

Photos by Russ Hartman

Photos by Linda Benveniste

Photos by Hunter Mills


We are thrilled to welcome two new Outings Leaders to GLS - Karen Lee and Terrie Eusterbrock. Thanks to them and our Outings Chairs Susan Fracisco, Paget Valentzas and Beth Bittle for their support.

Also thanks to our veteran leaders who have led a number of wonderful hikes this past quarter - Marian Stainbrook, Beth Bittle, Cindy Icke, Kartrin Wehrheim, Claudine Offer, Paget Valentza, Russell Hartman, Terrie Eusterbrock, Marina Dicerbo, Karen Lee, and Carol Palecki  all contributed their time and expertise to help us enjoy time out in nature.

A special shout out to two of our most prolific outings leader this quarter - Marian Stainbrock and Beth Bittle, who have led 10 and 9 outings respectively since July! We are fortunate and grateful to have such dedicated volunteers.

If you're interested in becoming an Outings Leader, contact us at for more information.

 Lamorinda Loop Bike Ride led by Beth 

Photo by Beth Bittle

 Mt. Tam led by Marian 

Photo by Marian Stainbrook

 Annual Picnic at Lafayette Reservoir led by Beth, hike led by Marian 

Photo by Marian Stainbrook

 Sunset/Moonrise Walk in Tilden led by Terrie 


 Photos by Terrie Eusterbrock

 Full Moon Walk on Mt Wanda led by Beth 

Photos by Karen Lee


 Look for Tarantulas on Mt. Diablo led by Beth 

Photos by Beth Bittle


 20 mile bike ride through Benecia to Martinez led by Marian 

Photo by Marian Stainbrook

 Whale and Wildlife Kayak Trip in Moss Landing led by Beth 

Photo by Beth Bittle


Photos by Kim Powell

 Mt. Tam: Stinson Beach to Mountain Home Inn led by Marina 

Photo by Marina Dicerbo

 City Walk: Ferry Building to the Ramp led by Cindy 

Photo by Cindy Icke

The Governing Committee

Have you ever wondered how all of the wonderful hikes, camping trips, social events, website and newsletter of GLS happen? It's a joint effort between you, the GLS members who volunteer, and the Governing Committee. The Governing Committee is a small, hardworking group elected by the membership to lead GLS and ensure the smooth running of the Club.  It maintains the GLS website and Meetup site, handles membership of close to 500, produces newsletters, organizes at least 3 camping trips a year as well as a summer picnic and a holiday party, trains outings leaders, and provides outings that include hikes, environmental, educational and social activities.  Additionally, the Co-chairs are the official spokespersons of Club, the Secretary keeps minutes of meetings, and the Treasurer is charged with handling the Finances.

We would like to introduce you to our current GovCom and look forward to meeting you on a hike, outing, or camping trip soon. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or in person with suggestions on how to improve your experience with GLS. If you are interested in volunteering or joining a future Governing Committee, even better! We look forward to an amazing 2017 with you out in nature!

Beth Bittle

Co-Lead and Outings Chair

Beth is an avid hiker and traveler who enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people. She's excited to share her love and knowledge of the outdoors to get people interested in being out in nature. Beth also serves as a National Sierra Club trip leader. This is her second year serving as Co-Lead of the Governing Committee.

Contact her at:

Susan Fracisco

Co-Lead and Outings Chair 

Susan has been a GLS Member for three years, this is her first time volunteering for the Governing Committee.

Contact her at:

Paget Valentzas

Outings Chair

Paget has been an active member of GLS since 2001.  During that time she has acquired the nickname "Tam ma'am", been introduced to amazing places in the Sierra, learned how to use a compass and guy lines, bought a tent that comes with coffee slings, and made a lot of friends.

Contact her at:

Pam LoPinto

Treasurer and Activism Chair

Pam joined the group when it was still "Committee to Form GLS" in 1985. The group was mostly men and was trying in earnest to have women get involved. Pam was on the first Governing Committee in 1987 and served as Membership Chair. Our roster grew to 1,200 members, with about half being women. Pam led hikes, camping trips, and events regularly, but has been sidelined in recent years due to injuries. GLS is still near and dear to her and this is her third time serving on GovCom. She assumed Angie Romagnoli's duties as GLS Treasurer.

Contact her at:

Becky Skaife

Membership Chair

Becky is a longtime GLS member who joined the Governing Committee to give something back and help the club to thrive. This is her second year volunteering for the Governing Committee.

Contact her

Kris Anderson

Website, Newsletter and Secretary

Kris has been a GLS member since 2012 and credits the club with introducing her to the great outdoors and the joy of hiking and camping. She is a strong believer in building community and sees volunteering for the Governing Committee as a positive and fun way to do that while at the same time supporting the mission of the Sierra Club. This is her second year volunteering for the Governing Committee.

She would love to hear from you if you can contribute writing, photography, or design to the website and/or newsletter.

Contact her at:

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