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Holiday Party!         

    Dance, dance, dance to the sounds of 

            Ruby's in Town !  

Saturday, December  14th from Noon to 5pm (though setup volunteers need to arrive at 10:30a.)

The Rainbow Sierrans will provide the mains on the menu as well as

beverages and we'll rely on all of you, to bring your favorite sides, desserts, and other beverages to share.

Keeping our carbon footprint in mind, please bring your own plate, utensils, and cup.

A $5.00 donation for members, and $20.00 for non-members, (which inludes a one year membership) will be taken at the door.

Want to volunteer? We can use more of you for setup and cleanup.  Please contact Linda:  Linda at

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Gear Gyrl with  Sylvie Hessini

What is an optimal daypack size? 

This depends on your needs out in nature.

I find that 24 to 28 liters works very well.  Test any new pack at the store (REI) with the gear you consistently carry.  An efficient way to test your new pack is to put your layers, first aid kit, snack items, etc. in a stuff sack and bring it to REI when shopping for a pack. 

Additionally, they have weighted bean bags for test and fit purposes.  Don’t forget the weight of 2-3 liters of water.  One liter of water weighs approximately 2.20 pounds.  Fill the pack with an appropriate weight with all straps loosened.  Once the pack is on your back, tighten the straps as needed to get the fit that’s best for you. The people at REI can help.                                    

Considerations may be as follows:

Waist belt:  This is where your weight will be carried. Some waist belts are more robust and thicker than others.  Determine what is most comfortable for you. Year round use of the pack:  In winter you will need more layers and gear.  If you need to consistently carry a lot, you may want to go above 28 liters.

There are many good quality brand packs available. It’s all about fit, comfort and functionality.  Find what works best for you!

Happy Hiking!

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GovCom Elections                                  

Our yearly elections are here again! Remember, we are a democratically            run organization.

The Governing Committee is elected every year.

GovComer's meet once a month to direct the organizational path; Hikes, events, special interests, gatherings, volunteer outreach, communications with the National Sierra Club, newsletter, and communication in general to our over 200 members.

If you think you'd like to be a GovCom members, write us and tell us why. We'll add your name to the ballots profiles which you will soon receive via email. 

Make sure you vote for your new governing board by Monday December 2nd.

The outcome will be announced at the holiday party.

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Conservation Corner by Paige Brown                                      

The Future is Electric

The Kincaide Fire is burning – stinging my eyes in San Francisco, sending my friend to my house as 99% of Marin county is having its power cut. Healdsburg and Windsor are under threat.  Closer to home, tomorrow’s   Rainbow Sierrans hike has been cancelled. All of this makes me anxious and angry at how little our federal government is doing to stop the climate crisis.

And it makes me want to think about the solutions and the future. While we are all trying to do our part (changing to efficient lightbulbs, car pooling, using transit, going 100% green with our power, voting for pro environment politicians, going veggie or cutting back on meat), we also know the whole damn electrical and transportation system must be transformed. Whoa.

It must be done and it can be done and when it is, it will be awesome. You may see the phrase Electrify Everything (Clean) more. We need to decarbonize our entire system which means replacing fossil burning stoves, heaters, cars with renewable energy. To do that we must electrify everything! And what is this going to look like:

Cars – plug ins, everywhere. Cars then also become mobile energy storage units!    

Gas Stoves - I too used to look sadly at gas stove knowing one it must be gone. No more,  Induction Stoves are the coolest. Thomas Keller, the French Laundry chef/owner only cooks on induction stoves. We can upgrade the oven! I’m checking out models now.  (also natural gas is often obtained by fracking, we all hate fracking but seem attached to our little blue flame…)

The list goes on -- > check out

Given the state of things, I think its helpful and important to do what we can and also envision the needed transformation. And that it will be amazing, we’ll all have cold beer, hot showers, and an awesome oven. Also, more wind and solar power and less climate change, fracking, and pipelines.  

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Activism  Activation with Anita and Paige 

Demystifying Solidarity Sundays

You may have seen Solidarity Sundays on our outings line up and wondered what is that and why would I go?  So I thought I would take a minute to fill in the gaps.

It is a nationwide call to action started here in Oakland by a bunch of young, smart, gutsy women in response to Trump’s election.  Solidarity Sunday chapters opened all over the country in just 2 weeks after their first meeting. You can check out their website here:     

The basic idea is that activism is best sustained when done in community. Chapters meet once a month on a Sunday.  Anyone who wants to can join in and DO

SOMETHING for 2 hours, which adds up!

Paige and I have been hosting Solidarity Sundays since the beginning.  Sometimes it happens in the east bay and sometimes in San Francisco.  We provide some snacks and various options for digging in and doing something.  Next time we list a Solidarity Sunday come join us and check it out!

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From the  Chairs with Paget Valentzas 


Have you ever wondered how all of the wonderful hikes, camping trips, social events, website and newsletter of Rainbow Sierrans happen? It's a joint effort between members who volunteer, the outings leaders and the Governing Committee. The Governing Committee is a small, hardworking group elected by the membership to lead the Rainbow Sierrans and ensure the smooth running of the Club.  It maintains the Rainbow Sierrans website and Meetup site, handles membership of close to 500, produces newsletters, organizes at least 3 camping trips a year as well as a summer picnic and a holiday party, trains outings leaders, and provides outings that include hikes, environmental, educational and social activities. Additionally, the Co-chairs are the official spokespersons of Club, the Secretary keeps minutes of meetings, and the Treasurer is charged with handling the Finances.

Elections for the 2020 Governing Committee  are around the corner! Members will be receiving ballots on December 1st.  The results will be announced at the Holiday Party on December 14, 2019.  

IMPORTANT:  To vote, you must be both a Sierra Club member and a member of Rainbow Sierrans.   To help with our record keeping, please send us your Sierra Club membership number.  To become a Sierra Club member, go to:

At the time of this newsletter’s publication, we have six awesome candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring.  Current GovCom members Anita Bowen, Ann Lehr, Kat Zumbach and Paige Brown will be returning for another year. They will be joined by Kimberly Luce (currently the Newsletter Editor) and Beth Bittle, who will be returning after a hiatus during which time she got more involved with the SF Bay Chapter at large.

To participate in the election, please check that both your Rainbow Sierrans and Sierra Club memberships are up to date. 



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