Newsletter, Fall 2020

Gearing Up

Shopping for a Rain Jacket?

Here is what I learned.

Be prepared for the deluge of choices; fabrics, jacket features, brands, and prices. 

The first thing I had to do was get clear on why I wanted the jacket.  Yes, to replace the one that finally fell apart, but also to serve as more than a rain jacket. I wanted to use it while hiking, back packing, running when the rain is too much for my light weight running jacket (which is really my cycling jacket), maybe wear it for cross country or downhill skiing, and for all-around rainy day use.  Wow!  That's a lot to ask for one rain jacket.

A lot? Yes.  But that was how I used my last rain jacket. 

So, started with features I loved about my last rain jacket and then read about how, those features had been improved.

Zip Pockets, inside pocket, zip side vents, chinchable hood, waterproof seams, two way zip, cinchable at the bottom, waterproof, breathable, and packable - just a few must haves, and all for around $100 - 150?

I loved my last jacket, a Marmot Precip, work it for everything, and it lasted 9 years before ILD(Inner Lining Delamination) brought it down. So which Jacket won the purchase?

Tah, dah!  The REI XeroDry GTX!

Now, because of the name, I thought it wouldn't keep me dry at all, but I was wrong.  XeroDry GTX is a lightweight, very packable Gore-Tex which claimed to be better than the Marmot technology.    

Also, Marmot changed the fit of the Precip jacket, and the XeroDry fit much more to my liking. Besides that, I the XeroDry feels gooood when I'm wearing it.  So that's it. I went for trying something new.  So far, I'm very happy with it.  Good luck with your next rain jacket purchase!

Activisim in Action!

What do Rainbow Sierrans do when democracy is under attack?

Fight Back!

What do Rainbow Sierrans do when nature is under attack?

Fight Back!

What do Rainbow Sierrans do when we can't leave the house?


Although the pandemic brought our outdoor gatherings to a stop, Trump Administration attacks on democracy and the environment continued. In response, we held Zoom gatherings to write letters through the Sierra Club and Postcards to voters to help save our democracy and protect our environment. 

We gathered on Zoom from May 3rd to October 19th and collectively sent 345 letters and 770 postcards to voters! Whooo. Hooo.

We look forward to when we can be together again hopefully living in an Administration that values both democracy and our natural world. We know there will still be work to do for a Green New Deal, a just transition from fossils, and better sharing our planet with all species.

Vote! Make sure your friends and family vote! (Especially in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina)                                           

GovCom Elections      

Would you like to get more involved with Rainbow Sierrans and help guide

the club in 2021?  Now is the time to join the Governing Committee of Rainbow Sierrans. GovCom meet once a month online to direct the organizational path; Hikes, events, special interests, gatherings, volunteer outreach, communications with the National Sierra Club, newsletter, and communication in general to our over 200 members.

If you think you'd like to be a GovCom member or have questions, please send Beth an email at 


From the Chairs ~                                                                                             

Greetings Rainbow Sierrans,

The summer has slipped into fall, and it’s nearly November.  As I write this letter,

it is just a few days until Election Day. Many of us have been working hard to get people to vote. Many of us are worried about what Election Day will bring on a national and local level. Many of us are struggling with the continued isolation of this pandemic.  I know many of us are hoping for major changes in our nation.

What ever the outcome of this election, remember: the sun will rise and greet us with a new day.  Some of us may feel energized and ready to greet the sun back.  Some of us may be ready to be out in nature and some of us may need to take a step back into our safe spaces.  

However you greet the day and however the day greets you, remember: we are all on this Earth together and we have so much work to do together.  

I wish that we could be out together on the trails, in a kayak, or on a bike during these days.  Remember: we are all part of the Rainbow Sierrans.  We can support each other even though we have not seen each other in person for many months.  To that end, we have made a form available so you can reach out and connect with others during this time.    

Some of you may have already completed this form, but we want to ensure that anyone who wants to reach out and connect with another Rainbow Sierrans member for opportunities to be in nature together knows to complete the form.  Rainbow Sierrans is not leading any outings that may be organized, we are just trying to help members connect with each other.  Here is the the link: .  Please don’t share this information with others.  As a reminder, please follow all public health guidance including wearing your masks, and maintaining a 6’ distance from each other.  Most of all, enjoy this wonderful world. 

I would also like to encourage everyone to join us for our virtual holiday party in early December.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s face that day and to laugh and celebrate the end of 2020 with you all.  

Finally, have you thought about getting more involved with the Rainbow Sierrans in 2021?  We would love to have you on the governing committee!  Serving on govcom has been such a joy for me.  Even during such a challenging year, it is wonderful get to know the other volunteers on govcom, and be with each other during.  Honestly, sometimes I laugh so much at our meetings my face hurts, it is great!

Thank you for being a part of the Rainbow Sierrans and continuing to support this community.


Beth Bittle

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