Newsletter, Summer 2021

Re-opening Day!

Fifty Rainbow sierrans enjoyed the sunny Opening Day picnic in Tilden Park on July 5th. 

Besides picnicking,    

participants chose from several hike options,

discussed outings and outing safety,

conversed about conservation efforts,

and particpated in the book club.     

Gear Gyrl with Sylvie Hessini

Chooseing Camp Furniture

Camping is so much more fun when it’s made as comfortable as possible.  This is where your setup with camp furniture can help.  There are many collapsible and lightweight choices that have come to market in recent years. 

Physically testing furniture is recommended if you have outdoor retailers near you. I tested chairs recently at REI and Decathlon.  I was attracted to an REI chair, but the reviews suggested it was hard to assemble.  That was a deal breaker for me, so I settled on a chair from Decathlon that comes together and disassembles easily.

I chose a 20” collapsible and height adjustable table to complement the chair.  This can serve as a small dining table for 2 or a side table for drinks, snacks and a solar light.                                       

Chairs come in many formats: rockers, low back, high back, with cup holders and coolers attached.  Consideration for amenities, weight and portability should be evaluated for optimal use.

Choose well and Happy Hiking!

Stay Tuned for the next exciting adventures!

LGBTQ Family Campout at Slide Ranch in Marin County.


Sunset Kayaking in Elkhorn Slough!

    Experience Sunsets


and see the otters, peloquins, and seals! 

Rainbow Sierran's Annual Picknic!

Sunday, October 3rd, 11am,  Lafayette Reservoir 

Come join us for our fabulous Rainbow Sierrans picnic at the Lafayette Reservoir. This is a super fun and relaxed time to connect and catch up.

We Provide: the grill, condiments, some drinks and some sides.
You Bring: item to share, something for the grill, your own plate, cup and utensils, lawn games, camp chairs and picnic blankets, etc.

Location: We will be at the "Small" picnic site at the reservoir.

Hikes: there will be hikes offered in the morning before 11am. Keep an eye out for further information about those.

Dogs: allowed, but must be on leash, should have a good sense of humor, be well-behaved so they do not disturb other participants.

Parking fees: All-day-$7 and hourly for $1.50/hour

Covid: We encourage people to act responsibly and safely. We are unable to guarantee that everyone attending will be vaccinated.

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