Newsletter, Fall 2021

The Governing Committe needs you!

We need three, shiny new governing committee (GovCom) members.

Starting in 2022, serve a 1 year term and help us envision and launch outings, activism, and conservation activities. 

If you're interested, please add your name by contacting our Nomination Committe at, and write a short statement telling why you would like to help out. 

Tee-Shirts for Sale!

                Want a Tee, Gray or light Blue?   

Karen Lee has volunteered to bring some shirts with her to the hikes she attends. So, just ask Karen.

We will also have them at the Holiday Party.  Holiday Party!? 

Read on...

Fall Fest Campout  

A giant group campsite all our own, with gorgeous views of the Prosser Reservoir, seemingly an acre between each tent.  

A little rain and frrrrr-eeezing nights and mornings, but two radiant propane fire pits warmed us.   

We hiked to see the views from Martis Peak; Donner Lake, with Prosser, Stampede, and Boca reservoirs stretched out across the valley. 

On Sunday we hiked to Mariah Point to take in view of the Granite Cheif Wilderness. 

9 wonderful participants, and lots of good conversations.

 Rainbow Sierran's Book Club

Throughout the pandemic, a group of Rainbow Sierrans lead first by Pam LoPinto and now Amy Patick have been meeting monthly to read and discuss a book that relates to nature.

Here, Amy gives a short review of a book they just read.

One of the more memorable books that we read was "The Signature of All Things" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The story follows Alma Whittaker, the brilliant daughter of a botanical explorer who becomes a gifted botanist herself during the 19th century, a time of Enlightenment when ideas of science, nature and darwinism were colliding. Although the book club group was small, the discussions and impressions shared were memorable. 

 Activity Escapades

Thanks to Marrian (aka Mountain Goat) Stainbrook for leading seemingly more hikes (and other activities) than we can count since the Sierra Club's re-opening in July !

Here's a quick recounting of the Tennessee Valley/Rodeo Beach Hike: 

We hiked from Tennessee Valley to the Wolf/Coastal Ridge to see views of mountains, grass valleys, the coastal bay and its beaches.

Upon arriving on the beach, we spotted a beached whale skeletal frame with some of its carcass remains still intact.

Apparently, an adult grey whale washed up on this beach in June to what appears to have been a ship strike according to the Marine Mammal Center. 

Calling for more outing leaders!

If you enjoyed a few—or many—outings with Rainbow Sierrans, please consider becoming an outings leader!

Now is the time to give back to this wonderful community!

All you need is a love of the outdoors and some basic leadership skills. We have many new members looking especially for easy-to-moderate level outings.

Experienced RS leaders will mentor you and share their favorite trails. Even if you can only lead a few outings each year, we will be very grateful for your contribution.

We all appreciate the thoughtful planning and competent preparation that goes into our outings. This happens because the Sierra Club trains its leaders to provide an enjoyable experience for all participants as we explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.

Follow these steps to become an outings leader:

1. You must first be a current member of both the Sierra Club and Rainbow Sierrans.

2. Complete the Sierra Club online Outings Leader Basic Training 101. The new OLT Learners guide may be downloaded from the Rainbow Sierrans website. A face-to-face OLT 101 course—if it is offered—also meets this requirement.

3. First Aid. Each outings leader must maintain first aid certification. This is required for us to be covered under the Sierra Club's insurance.

4. Co-lead two hikes. You must co-lead two hikes with a hike leader who is RS certified, and you must be the primary organizer of one of the hikes.

If you have questions or feel ready to step up, please contact:

Ann Lehr, RS Outings Chair

Our Holiday Party will be on

                                        Sunday, December 12th. 

                                                Save the date!

         We will announce the details soon.

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