Carrie Spector above Tuolomne Meadows

You too can be an outings leader!

Do you have favorite hikes you like to show your friends or are you a person who likes to try new trails? You may want to consider becoming an outings leader. Rainbow Sierrans is made up of volunteers—people like you, volunteering to lead hikes and other outings. To become an outings leader, follow these five steps:

  • You must first be a current member of both the Sierra Club and Rainbow Sierrans.
  • Complete the Sierra Club online Outings Leader Training. Once you log in to Campfire, click the "Campfire Learning" tile. A face-to-face OLT course—if it is offered—also meets this requirement. The OLT Learners guide may be downloaded here
  • First Aid. Each RS outings leader must maintain first aid certification. This is required for us to have coverage under Sierra Club's insurance. RS will reimburse the cost of a first aid course up to $75.
  • Co-lead at least one outing with a certified, experienced outings leader. 
  • Lead a "provisional outing" where you plan and conduct an outing yourself with a mentor as your co-leader.

When you have completed the above requirements, please scan your first aid card and your OLT certificate and email them to the RS Outings Chair:  

Act today! Get out there and lead those hikes or bicycle rides, tie those practice slings, and become part of the great cadre of Rainbow Sierrans outings leaders.

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