Below you will find useful forms and links:

Back Country or Front Country?

Use this cheat sheet to determine which forms are required for your outing:


Sign-in Waiver: Must be signed by participants at the beginning of any outing

Individual Participant Agreement: For outings requiring pre-registration

Safety Management Plan (Word) or (pdf): Required for back country day trips

Short Medical Form: Required for back country day trips TinyURL for MedForm

Long Medical Formfor camping trips

Incident Report: Sierra Club Incident Report

Patient Report: Patient Report Form

Expense Reimbursement Form: Use this form to be reimbursed for outings expenses. 

Outings Refund Form: To be used by trip leaders to submit refund requests


Pre-Trip Talk Card (aka Trailhead Talk Card)

Directions for Using Campfire

Campfire Events Entry

New OLT 101 Learner's Guide (2020)

Outing Leader Handbook (2010)

RS Hike Leader Training Manual updated

Mentoring Checklist for Provisional Outings

New Medical Form Guide

SF Bay Chapter

Local, State, and National Parks: websites and contact information

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