Below you will find useful forms and links:


Sign-in Waiver: Must be signed by hikers at the beginning of any hike/event.

Incident Report: Sierra Club Incident Report.

Patient Report: Patient Report Form.

Safety Plan: Safety Management/Emergency Response Plan.

Medical Form: Please complete this form and return to your leader.

Expense Reimbursement Form: Use this form to be reimbursed for outings expenses. 

Outings Refund Form: To be used by trip leaders to submit refund requests.


Directions for Using Campfire

Campfire Events Entry

Frequently Asked Questions about the new Participant Agreement/Waiver

New OLT 101 Learner's Guide (2020)

Outing Leader Handbook

GLS Hike Leader Training Manual

SF Bay Chapter

Local, State, and National Parks: websites and contact information

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