Upcoming events

    • 07 Mar 2024
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • ONLINE

    Calling all campers!  We'll be having a meeting on Zoom at 7PM on Thursday, March 7 to talk about all things camping in 2024.   So far, Rainbow Sierrans has three trips lined up this summer.  At this meeting we hope to schedule a couple more as well as to prepare for those outings.  

    Be sure to register to receive ZOOM link.

    Topics we'll discuss:

    • Securing campsites
    • Troubleshooting campsite reservation process
    • Reviewing and streamlining campout planning, organizing, leading
    • Food on campouts...potlucks, food groups, food storage in bear country
    • glamping
    • storage locker

     Come one, come all.  We hope to get input from fresh eyes and non-leaders. This will be your opportunity to see and shape how trips are run.  There should also be time for additional questions and topics you might have.

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