Cost: Rainbow Sierrans does not charge for most day outings.

Participation Agreement & Waiver: Must be signed by participants at the beginning of any outdoor activity.

Reservations: Reservations for outings are not needed, except where noted in the outing description.

Carpools: Riders are expected to share the driver's expenses including bridge tolls, park entrance fees, gas and wear-and-tear. RS recommends that each rider pay the driver 20 cents per mile plus a share of bridge tolls and other fees. RS does not guarantee that a driver or rider will be available at a carpool site. Riders should never arrive late; drivers should never leave early.

Riders and drivers arrange carpools themselves. Rainbow Sierrans does not take any responsibility for the safety of carpools.

Bad Weather Policy: Continuous rain usually cancels a trip; if in doubt, call or email the leader.

Dog Policy: Following Sierra Club national policy, dogs are only allowed on hikes that have previously advertised that dogs are welcome in the hike leader description.

Other Trip Information: For more information about any hike (meeting place, time, difficulty) contact the hike leader.

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