Registration and Cancellation Policies for Trips, Outings, and Events


  1. 1. Participants must register and pay online on the Rainbow Sierrans website

  2. 2. No registrations will be accepted until an outing has been announced to the full membership via email announcement.  

  3. 3. Confirmed reservations are non-transferable.

  4. 4. Once the maximum number of participants is reached, a wait list will be compiled. If a cancellation occurs, individuals will be contacted in the order in which their names appear on the waitlist. Failure to respond within 24 hours will forfeit one’s place on the waitlist. Registration for most trips will close two days in advance of the trip.

  5. 5. Acceptance of any individual on any trip or outing will be at the discretion of the leader for that trip or outing.

  6. 6. Children may accompany an adult on a camping trip at the discretion of the trip leader(s).


  1. 7.  All cancellations must be sent via email to the trip leader. Cancellations received at least 14 days in advance will be automatically refunded the registration fee, less $10 processing fee. Cancellations received less than 14 days before a trip will forfeit the full registration fee. If a personal or family illness or other extenuating circumstances causes a lastminute cancellation, that person may appeal in writing to GovCom for a partial refund. Appeals will be reviewed by Govcom following the trip or outing conclusion, and those deemed eligible for refund will be issued, less $10 processing fee.

  2. 8. Fifty percent (50%) of the registration fee will be refunded to a qualified Outings Leader who plans and leads a group hike during a camping trip. The number of hike leaders needed and the type of hike needed (e.g. length and challenge level) shall be at the discretion of the trip Leader. Serving as a co-leader for such activities does not qualify for a refund.


  1. 9. Should the Governing Committee cancel a camping trip or outing for any reason, all registrants will receive a full refund.

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